10 Effective Personal Budgeting Tips

Budgeting Tips | Budget | There are many budgeting tips regarding your money and personal finance, unfortunately, with the current inflation and economics it is getting harder to save and the debt is higher.

Managing your finances and paying off your debt can seem like a never-ending process. The best method to eradicate debt or save for big expenses is to budget effectively. With the help of so many apps and tools, personal finance or budget management has become much simpler and there is no need of advanced accounting.  

Below are some simple times to help you get started with creating an effective budget.

1. Know Your Income

There are a lot of people who do not know exactly what they earn. If you are an employee, your paycheck is divided into different categories, mostly gross income, and net income.

  • Gross Income:  this amount is before any taxes & deductions
  • Taxes: any state, federal or any other form of taxes
  • Deductions: any amount that does not include taxes, medicare/ social security/ 401(k)/ health benefits
  • Net Income: this is what you take home.

2. Itemize Your Expenses

Monthly budget(ting) tips, can only be effective if you know what you are spending your money on. The best methodology is to go by your bank statement, from the past three months.  This helps you to have an overview of where your money is going. Below are different types of expenses:

  • Recurring Charge: this can be monthly charge and includes subscription fees
  • Needs: you need it for survival e.g shelter | food | work commuting fees | child care
  • Wants: cable | excessive shopping | dining | social activities – basketball tickets
  • Fixed Expenses: this may fall under needs, additional expenses include, car insurance | health care bill | debt repayment 

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How To Payoff Debt Fast


Pay off Debt | How to Pay Off Debt | How to pay off debt fast, is a common worry most have.

There are many written ways on how to save money that has been advocated as the best practice but do they really cause a snowball effect or make small ripples.

This article is going to showcase best ways to save money that cause a snowball effect.

When it comes to saving, you still need a penny to make a $100, that being said we are going to examine how to make that $100 work harder for us. 

1. Types of Debts

There are different types of debts such as

  • secured or unsecured debt 
  • good debt vs bad debt.
  • consumer debt – student loans, credit card,

Regardless of which debt it, there is a steep amount of interest that has to be paid and this decreases your disposable income.

2. Snowball Debt Payoff

Paying one monthly installment at a time will cost you more than the debt you borrowed in interest and unfortunately, this can create a lifetime of debt. A snowball debt payoff process enables one to quickly eliminate debt and in the process saving money by avoiding to pay interest. Below are some top methods to snowball debt process.   Continue reading

How to Save Money for Big Events in Life

How To Save Money | Saving Money Tips | Save Money IdeasThere are so many ways on how to save money, regardless the process or method used, this can easily mount to huge savings.  This article will showcase how to save money for different events in your life.  More frequently than ever, there are testimonies on how people have saved a sizeable amount of retirement from modest earnings. 

This is so fascinating because you will encounter stories on how someone makes above six-figures and hardly making ends meet  The differences in the two scenarios is the ability to implement effective methods on how to save money.

1. How to Save for Retirement

The idea of saving for retirement is sometimes an after-thought. The power of compounding interest has created modest earners into millionaires. The best-known figure who has used this method is Warren Buffet. Below are the best ways to save

  • Participate in 401(k) – do not leave money on the table from your employer
  • Contribute to Your in IRA – there is maximum amount per year to contribute
  • Tax Deferred – qualify for tax breaks (defer paying taxes until withdrawal)
  • Reduce Your Brokerage – understand and reduce your brokerage fees
  • Withdrawals – avoid early withdrawal because this creates additional penalties
  • Automation – automate your savings and any amount is good amount
  • Diversification – invest in low index fund it has great with diverse portfolio
  • Dividend Stock – participate in dividend stock (some live off dividend income)
  • Real Estate – convert a bedroom and rent on Airbnb as corporate suit

 2. How to Save Money for Big Events

Ways to save money on a tight budget is one of the most crucial financial habits we can adopt. There are big events that can be money drainers. Below are some ways to save for big events  Continue reading

How I Got a Six Figure Raise 80k to Over 150k

Six Figure Raise | Six Figure Income | Six Figure Jobs | Six Figure Salary | Six Figure Career | Six Figure BusinessHow I Got a Six-Figure Raise from 80k to OVER 150k

Climbing both the corporate ladder and salary increment can be very difficult. The majority of the workforce that is in the Six Figure Range, usually have many years behind them. Honestly speaking, waiting for 15 years to get into the Six Figure Range was not an option.

It was difficult, discouraging, hard-work, mindset challenging – (a lot of 3 steps forward and 5 steps back) but through it all, I Was Determined!

Below are the steps and actions I took to reach my financial goal and yes, it was not straight forward, as much of life is not.

1. Education

I have 3 degrees, after my 2nd Masters, I was so thrilled to be part of the finance profession. I went through the normal interview process and was selected for the Senior Position. The department was centered around improving your skills and was surrounded by professional veterans in the industry who would constantly share their knowledge.

2. Realization

I was so happy in my position and wanted to grow with the company. There was an anniversary lunch for one of the Senior Managers, in her speech she stated that she had been with the company for 25 YEARS!!  I was NOT patient to wait for 25 years for her position, I needed to find a way to get promoted, both position and salary.  My conclusion, time to get a promotion as well as the salary.  Below are the chain of events: 

3. Inventory of My Skills

The first step was to take an inventory of all my skills, listed my degrees and the courses I took. I went through all my M.B.A & M.A.F.M courses, then listed all the courses that were relevant to the next position. The objective was to gain additional experience without changing jobs. For instance, if my next desired position was Senior Accountant, below is the framework I used  Continue reading

Top 12 Tips on How to Use Google Analytics

12 Tips on How To Use Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics is a very powerful tool that provides better analysis of how your website is performing and how best to improve it.

The tool is free and has a consolidated dashboard that covers an array solving strategies to help improve your site

Benefits of Google Analytics:       
Target your Online Visitors
Measure & Track your Marketing Campaigns
Optimize your Website for better Conversions
Identify Keywords, Bounce Rates and Traffic Flow



Top 12 Tips on How to Use Google Analytics

1.       Create an Alert to Monitor Error Pages (404)

We all know that getting a 404 error is frustrating. This is the best way that you’re going to be able to know if there is a broken link on your website so that you can go in and fix the problem before it becomes an issue with your users. This will alert you as to when something is actually experiencing a 404 error. Continue reading