Steps On How To Meditate

Steps On How To MeditateManaging Daily Life

The requirements of modern day can be challenging, with many demanding hats  wear which can include:

Work / Home Balance
Education / Career Goals
Parenting / Family Needs
Goal Setting or Accomplishment
Managing Extensive Daily To-Do-List

Regardless of which station we are at, balance is a necessity

Meditation yields various benefits, which includes:
Calms Anxiety,
Stress Reduction,
Improves concentration
Relaxes and Renews State of Mind

The book showcases how to start the process of Meditation from a busy congested mind to achieving a calmer mindset.

Book Title  Steps On How To Meditate 
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The book covers an array of topics, below is a sample.

1. Everyday Mind

There are different stages of the Mind each with its own framework and how to surpass the Everyday noise in order to achieve clarity. This shows the various state our mind travels in each day, which only circles within the window of our busy schedules and not beyond. Continue reading

How to Grow Your Idea into an Income

How to Grow Your Ideas Into an IncomeGrowing Your Ideas Into Income

Do you have an idea for a product or service but unsure of how to make that idea a reality or how to measure if your product is going to be profitable?

How to Turn Ideas into Income includes:

Tools – highlights the tools you need to begin your entrepreneurial endeavor

Traits –  traits you should cultivate, success is bred by discipline, behavior and persistence

Board of Directors – these are people you should surround yourself.


Book Title  Business Ideas: How To Turn Your Ideas Into Income
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1. Business Idea Formation

Dreaming is the starting point of any success story, but the most important attribute is the ability to implement strategies that will transform that dream into a reality. The process of a successful Idea Formation is to determine and implement strategies that are executable. The most imperative process of Idea Formation Life-Cycle includes taking note of ideas that interest you and researching which ideas meet quality standards of your vision. Continue reading

SMART Goals: How To Set Goals & Achieve Results

SMART Goals and Achieve ResultsWhen it comes to Setting Goals and Achieving Results, the most important thing is to be focused, track your progress and adjust your goals as needed.

Some Excuses of Not Completing Goals include:
Lack of Motivation,
Lack of Accountability
High Expectations with No Structure
Experienced Failure and end of the goal
Constant Dreamers with No Action Items

The Book Details on How to

Book Title   Goals: How To Set Goals And Achieve Results
How To Buy The Book  Click Here To Get A Copy
The book covers an array of topics, below is a sample.


When Setting Goals or trying to accomplish any goal, there are various challenges that may deter you from staying on the course, later alone getting started. Below are some common challenges: Continue reading

Why Online Businesses Fail

Why Online Businesses Fail

There are numerous reasons why online businesses fail, but most of the reasons are solely based on how much effort and planning is put into the process.

The aggregated advantages of an Online Business are more than those of a Brick & Mortar, but the failure rate is very crippling.

Tips to Consider:
Create Brand Identity
Create a Business Plan
Understand Your Niche Market
How Your Service or Products are Different

Below are some points to keep in mind when you start your next venture:


1. The Rich Quick Scheme

This is the quickest way to lose money online than making it.  Chasing for the “next shiny scheme”  This is the worst way to learn and progress mainly because you are not giving yourself time to grow and monitor the results. Be focused on your current goals and set realistic timeframes. We all want to “get rich” tomorrow but continuing with this pattern, you are giving your hard earned money to the rich. Continue reading

Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs

Qualities of Successful EntrepreneursSuccessful Entrepreneurs

have numerous good traits, but the most that tend to take precedence include, Getting a Plan, Getting Started, Staying Motivated and Being Accountable.

Success is never easy to accomplish so Fail Fast and Get Back on Track, achieving success in any aspect of life there has to be a need of change followed by an implemented action.

Success is intentional, your desire has to be cultivated by executable goals.


Below are some qualities that successful achievers have:

1. Visualization

The power of visualization helps to put the desire into perspective.  The is power in having a vision board proceeds beyond having a limited mindset and allows you to connect the dream with a tangible output that you can reach. Continue reading