How I Got a Six Figure Raise 80k to Over 150k

Six Figure RaiseHow I Got a Six Figure Raise from 80k to OVER 150k 

Climbing both the corporate ladder and salary increment can be very difficult. The majority of the workforce that is in the Six Figure Range, usually have many years behind them. Honestly speaking, waiting for 15 years to get into the Six Figure Range was not an option.

It was difficult, discouraging, hard-work, mindset challenging – (a lot of 3 steps forward and 5 steps back) but through it all, I Was Determined!

Below are the steps and actions I took to reach my financial goal and yes, it was not straight forward, as much of life is not.


I have 3 degrees, after my 2nd Masters, I was so thrilled to be part of the finance profession. I went through the normal interview process and was selected for the Senior Position. I really enjoyed the department, I was surrounded by professional veterans in the industry and they would constantly share their knowledge.


I was so happy in my position and wanted to grow with the company. There was an anniversary lunch for one of the Senior Managers, in her speech she stated that she had been with the company for 25 YEARS!! (my thoughts — say what!!)  I was NOT patient to wait for 25 years for her position, I needed to find a way to get promoted, both position and salary.  My conclusion, time to get a promotion as well as the salary.  Below are the chain of events.

Inventory of My Skills

The first step was to take an inventory of all my skills, listed my degrees and the courses I took. I went through all my M.B.A & M.A.F.M courses, then listed all the courses that were relevant to the next position. The objective was to gain additional experience without changing jobs. For instance, if my next desired position was Senior Accountant, below is the framework I used  Continue reading

Top 5 Secrets of a Millionaire Mind

Top 5 Millionaire Mindset

Millionaire Mindset and Behavior

I am constantly intrigued by self-made millionaires and billionaires.  A millionaire mind includes Tenacity, Dedication and the sheer Hard-work as driving force. When it comes to creation of wealth, they have a different attitude and approach.

The surest way to any form of success includes:
Outline Goals,
Execution and Revision, if needed.

Below are some mindset and behaviors that really become a driving force in achieving their goals.


1. Multiple Streams of Income

They are not depended on one paycheck, creating a well diversified portfolio seems to be at the core of their wealth creation, as comparing to us the general public, of that one job is taken away we are doomed. Continue reading

Top 6 Financial Bad Choices

6 Bad Financial ChoicesThere are many financial bad choices when it comes to Money Management and most of them do not need a Wall Street person to advocate the right path. Below are some foundational points that actually make a different if implemented.

The best form of discipline is to be brutally honest with your behavior.

Bad Money Habits Include:
Lack of Accountability,
Lack of Desire to Self-Educate
High Cost Living, expectations  NOT aligned with your money.

Below are some tips to consider.

1. How Much Do You Earn

It is so surprising that most people do not know exactly how much they bring home. It is imperative to know what your gross pay is and more importantly what your take home pay is.

  • Gross Pay – this is before any deductions are applied to your wages
  • Net Pay – this is after taxes or investments are taken out
  • Take Home Pay – this is what you receive as a check

Continue reading