Top 12 Tips on How to Use Google Analytics

12 Tips on How To Use Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics is a very powerful tool that provides better analysis of how your website is performing and how best to improve it.

The tool is free and has a consolidated dashboard that covers an array solving strategies to help improve your site

Benefits of Google Analytics:       
Target your Online Visitors
Measure & Track your Marketing Campaigns
Optimize your Website for better Conversions
Identify Keywords, Bounce Rates and Traffic Flow



Top 12 Tips on How to Use Google Analytics

1.       Create an Alert to Monitor Error Pages (404)

We all know that getting a 404 error is frustrating. This is the best way that you’re going to be able to know if there is a broken link on your website so that you can go in and fix the problem before it becomes an issue with your users. This will alert you as to when something is actually experiencing a 404 error. Continue reading

Self Publishing Kindle Course and How to Grow Your Business

How to Self Publish and Grow Your BusinessThere are a lot of writers that are making over 6 figures a year, through Self Publishing on various platforms, but mainly on Amazon Kindle.

The best part of Kindle Publishing is the wider platform to advertise on and you can get up to 70% royalties

Course: Kindle Publishing


Objective: Publishing Business

Structure: Step-by-Step Videos & Master Mind Groups

Summary: Recommended – Click Here to Learn More


There are so many readers who would Love to be on the other side of the cover, not only as an AUTHOR but build a PROFITABLE BUSINESS as well. The best attribute of the course is taking you by the hand and showcases Step-by-Step process, by addressing obstacles from start to finish. Being a Profitable Author is knowing how to leverage your Book and Consumer, by providing quality services.

Online Publisher

There are so many avenues where writers can turn into self-publishers. Being an Online Publisher currently means having the control to publish what you enjoy and cut out demands from Publishing Houses. There are many ways to become an Online Publisher, such as a Kindle Publisher, where you can easily publishing numerous series of books with under a very simplified process.

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 Kindle Publishing Milestones:

  • How to Create Your Brand
  • How to Find & Source Books Ideas
  • How to Read & Know Your Business Numbers
  • How to Create Your Marketing Strategy and Connecting with Your Audience
  • Which Platforms to Create and Distribute Your Books … and much more 

Kindle Marketing Tips

  • Choose a Niche and Research
  • Research Your Book Title before Publishing
  • Select Ranking Keywords to Describe Your Book
  • Join Book Groups or Clubs and share pointers with other Authors
  • Select and Research Various Marketing Strategies for different Phases of your Book 

 Below are Some Lessons included:

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How to Make Money Online (step-by-step videos)

How to Make Money OnlineHow to Start An Income Blog

Starting an Income Producing Platform it becomes imperative to conduct a well detailed Research for various dimensions of your business. The hardest part of any business is managing operations and implementation of continuous improvement.

Most of Income Blogs Fail because most owners do not approach it as a business.
Below are some tips to consider,
Market Research
Business Plan
Niche Selection
Target Audience
Advertising Strategies

1. Understanding How To Make Money Online


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Top 12 Ideas on How to Write Articles That Go Viral

Tips on Writing Viral Articles Writing Viral Articles

Writing articles can be fun, if you enjoy writing, sharing facts and your opinions, but writing viral articles one needs to put in more work by researching your topic.


Some Tips to Consider 
Research your Topic
Use Competitive Keywords
Search and Write Trending on Topics
Write Content that is Easily Shareable
Constantly Update Your Social Platforms
Answer Trending Questions in Your Niche


How to Research Viral Articles

  1. Choose an Effective Title and Keywords

Write content that has effective keywords that will help your article to be easily searched. In the same regard, your goal is to have viral articles, but stuffing keywords on each paragraph is a sure way of getting lower ratings. Using Google Keywords Tool will help with targeted traffic as it showcases the best and competitive keywords to use.  Write titles by using effective and targeted keywords. Using Google Analytics help with your articles going viral, read more on the Top 12 Ideas on How to Write Articles That Go Viral

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Affiliate Marketing Tips

Tips on Affiliate Marketing What Is Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate Marketing or Internet Marketing is when you promote other people’s products and you get a commission. Building a profitable Affiliate Marketing Business is mostly based on the traffic you generate and creating goals that lead to scalability.

There are numerous ways and channels you can start and be part of the Affiliate Marketing space. The barrier to entry is low and so are the start-up cost.

The best method is fully understand the product or service your are promoting, is to become a customer first and then write review or give feedback.

Below are some tips to consider


Why Affiliate Marketing

There are numerous reasons why Affiliate Marketing is a great choice in starting a  business, the examples are endless and relative to one’s choice. Here were some of mine…

  • Higher percentage of scalability
  • Requires less time than a part time job
  • Can start a business in something you love
  • Low startup Cost vs. a brick & mortar business
  • Can reach a wider target market than brick & mortar
  • Customer relations are handled and managed by the company
  • You do not have to worry about inventory or product development
  • You can promote multiple niches using the same business methods
  • Set up the business correctly & you do not have to worry about search engines changes

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15 Tips and Tools for Ranking in Search Engines

15 Tips and Tool for Ranking in Search EnginesTrying to get your website to have a higher ranking on search engines can seem overwhelming, especially if you don’t know much about computers or how different aspects of the internet works.

The best process is to implement strategies and then monitor the results. Always re-adjust and eradicate methodologies that do not yields results.

Some Tips to Consider in Search Engine Ranking:       
Use Competitive keywords
Analyze Social Media Trends
Implement S.E.O to your Content
Add Your Website to Search Engine
Publish Content on a Consistent Basis
Publish Great Content that is easy to Engage

15 Tips and Tools for Ranking in Search Engines

1) Content. The format and content have a lot to do with how well a search engine will recognize your site. Make sure you have a large amount of good quality information. Continue reading