Self Publishing Kindle Course and How to Grow Your Business

How to Self Publish and Grow Your BusinessThere are a lot of writers that are making over 6 figures a year, through Self Publishing on various platforms, but mainly on Amazon Kindle.

The best part of Kindle Publishing is the wider platform to advertise on and you can get up to 70% royalties

Course: Kindle Publishing


Objective: Publishing Business

Structure: Step-by-Step Videos & Master Mind Groups

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There are so many readers who would Love to be on the other side of the cover, not only as an AUTHOR but build a PROFITABLE BUSINESS as well. The best attribute of the course is taking you by the hand and showcases Step-by-Step process, by addressing obstacles from start to finish. Being a Profitable Author is knowing how to leverage your Book and Consumer, by providing quality services.

Online Publisher

There are so many avenues where writers can turn into self-publishers. Being an Online Publisher currently means having the control to publish what you enjoy and cut out demands from Publishing Houses. There are many ways to become an Online Publisher, such as a Kindle Publisher, where you can easily publishing numerous series of books with under a very simplified process.

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 Kindle Publishing Milestones:

  • How to Create Your Brand
  • How to Find & Source Books Ideas
  • How to Read & Know Your Business Numbers
  • How to Create Your Marketing Strategy and Connecting with Your Audience
  • Which Platforms to Create and Distribute Your Books … and much more 

Kindle Marketing Tips

  • Choose a Niche and Research
  • Research Your Book Title before Publishing
  • Select Ranking Keywords to Describe Your Book
  • Join Book Groups or Clubs and share pointers with other Authors
  • Select and Research Various Marketing Strategies for different Phases of your Book 

 Self Publishing Lessons included:

Lesson   Topic 
 1  Finding A Profitable Niche
 2  Keyword Research
 3  Creating A Title That Sells
 4  Kindle Book Creation
 5  Preparing Your Book For Publishing
 6  Creating A KDP Account
 7  Publishing Your Book On Kindle
 8  Using Twitter & Facebook To Promote Your Book
 9  Monetizing Your Kindle Book
10  Creating A Series Of Books & Monetizing The Back-End
11  Scaling Up Your Kindle Books And Making More Money
12  How To Make Your Books Profitable Long-Term



These are some of the Lessons you will get. The program focuses on How To Expand Your Publishing Business and Monetizing it. The hardest part for most Authors is Finding a Niche that is Profitable and Sourcing for Ideas. The beauty of Self-Publishing is the ability to retain the higher percentages of royalties and publish books that you really enjoy.

Best Approach

  • Take the Course in the order it is presented
  • Do the Exercises as shown, do not move on unless you complete the task
  • Join the Master Group, it is much easier to ask those that have succeeded
  • Understand that Failure, Frustrations, Confusion is all part of it, do not get dismayed

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