Top 12 Ideas on How to Write Articles That Go Viral

Tips on Writing Viral Articles Writing Viral Articles

Writing articles can be fun, if you enjoy writing, sharing facts and your opinions, but writing viral articles one needs to put in more work by researching your topic.


Some Tips to Consider 
Research your Topic
Use Competitive Keywords
Search and Write Trending on Topics
Write Content that is Easily Shareable
Constantly Update Your Social Platforms
Answer Trending Questions in Your Niche


How to Research Viral Articles

  1. Choose an Effective Title and Keywords

It is best to write content that has effective keywords which help your article to be easily searched. In the same regard, your goal is to have viral articles, but stuffing keywords on each paragraph is a sure way of getting lower ratings. Using Google Keywords Tool will help with targeted traffic as it showcases the best and competitive keywords to use.  Write titles by using effective and targeted keywords. Using Google Analytics help with your articles going viral, read more on the Top 12 Ideas on How to Write Articles That Go Viral

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How to Guide Your Blog Business

How to Guide Your Blog Business

Building an Online Platform that transforms into a Blog Business is a continuous process that deserves the effort. The best way to achieve anything is to outline your goals, measure your productivity and implement.

Setting an organized process for my business and re-adjusting my schedule I have come to rely on my Online Business Life-Cycle. These became my main categories in running the business and my goals are pinned to one of these categories. Continue reading