How to Make Money Online (step-by-step videos)

How to Make Money OnlineHow to Start An Income Blog

Starting an Income Producing Platform it becomes imperative to conduct a well detailed Research for various dimensions of your business. The hardest part of any business is managing operations and implementation of continuous improvement.

Most of Income Blogs Fail because most owners do not approach it as a business.
Below are some tips to consider,
Market Research
Business Plan
Niche Selection
Target Audience
Advertising Strategies

1. Understanding How To Make Money Online


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How To Pick A Profitable Niche

How To Pick a Profitable NicheWhat Is a Profitable Niche

A profitable niche can be a subset of a market and it is created when there is an audience for a specific product or service. How to find a niche for an online business can be difficult task and many think the bigger the better, which in most cases, this is not true.

The video below, showcases how pick a niche.

Tips to consider
Find a niche you enjoy
Identify demand and supply
What is missing in your niche
Always aim to provide a solution
Research your niche, pros & cons
Identify if you want to provide a service or a product
The breakdown of a niche are as follows:

Main Stream this is the umbrella or the highest level of that niche or market
 Niche this is a subset of a broad market
 Micro Niche this further drills down from a niche

Example 1

  • Mainstream  Golf
  • Niche:  Golf Clubs
  • Micro Niche:  Women Golf Clubs

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