SMART Goals: How To Set Goals & Achieve Results

SMART Goals and Achieve ResultsWhen it comes to Setting Goals and Achieving Results, the most important thing is to be focused, track your progress and adjust your goals as needed.

Some Excuses of Not Completing Goals include:
Lack of Motivation,
Lack of Accountability
High Expectations with No Structure
Experienced Failure and end of the goal
Constant Dreamers with No Action Items

The Book Details on How to

Book Title   Goals: How To Set Goals And Achieve Results
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The book covers an array of topics, below is a sample.


When Setting Goals or trying to accomplish any goal, there are various challenges that may deter you from staying on the course, later alone getting started. Below are some common challenges: Continue reading

Top 5 Secrets of a Millionaire Mind

Top 5 Millionaire Mindset

Millionaire Mindset and Behavior

I am constantly intrigued by self-made millionaires and billionaires.  A millionaire mind includes Tenacity, Dedication and the sheer Hard-work as driving force. When it comes to creation of wealth, they have a different attitude and approach.

The surest way to any form of success includes:
Outline Goals,
Execution and Revision, if needed.

Below are some mindset and behaviors that really become a driving force in achieving their goals.


1. Multiple Streams of Income

They are not depended on one paycheck, creating a well-diversified portfolio seems to be at the core of their wealth creation, as compared to us the general public, if that one job is taken away we are doomed. Continue reading